Low Pressure Front

by Ben Powers




A series of songs written recently and not-so-recently.
I hope you enjoy them.


released October 18, 2009

Ben Powers – Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Violin, Bass, Percussion



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Track Name: The Shut-In
Your home becomes a monster
If it eats you alive.
That's called being lonesome.
You're all-consumed
And time falls away

You know this house
You know these walls
Every square inch of it is poised to fall on me
Like a ton.
You cannot see what you have done,
You only look away

Then shut the door, avert your eyes
From all that has been compromised
And all you will not ever find.

Your home becomes a monster
if it eats you alive.
Track Name: After the Storm
Two black dogs go running
Behind the broken tree
And across the front yard
With the sun at their heels
After the storm, when the rain has gone
There is nothing to fear but fear itself because

The trash bin's tipped over
And the laughter pours out
No time to waste, there's time to waste
School's been let out
The children play as if in bomb-shelled decay
Their thoughts are elsewhere as their minds drift off to dreams

And that's the way it goes
For nearly every day of life
Rebuild the memories
from the ones left behind
Without the storms, how could I ever know
The ones we're meant to stand beside
Track Name: Bobby-Pins
Sweet raven hair, at the nape of your neck it curls
Wear it high, pin it right, don't let a single strand of it fall

All those bobby pins around the floor
Just held your pretty locks up tight and nothing more

You walked through my house, let fall what you pleased, where you pleased
Your clothes, your cares, and all of those
bobby pins in your hair

All those bobby pins around the floor
Just little memories of you and nothing more

Then you left, packed your things away
and you were gone
You'll see, I held onto these in case you
ever want me back
I can pin things up right again and keep us
from falling down
Falling down

Cause it all fell down
Track Name: Holler in the Alley
Well I just wonder who's song
she is dancing to tonight
And the thought has crossed my mind
That if I bend her ear just right

She'll come running down her stairs
Two at a time just to be sure
That she captured the sweet melody
That drifted through her door,
and changed her mind

So I'll put pen to page
And write a little song
Pushed on by promises that she
Will be mine before too long

So I'm doubled over hunchbacked
Strangling this here guitar
Till I wrench out chords and verses
Guaranteed to win her heart,
And this is my start

You know I'll sing my best, You know I'll sing my best
You know I'll sing my soul, my savior-love to thee
And with this song my hopes, and with this song my dream

That she'll be home in bed
With no vinyl spinning round
So when my voice calls out her name
Her name will be the only sound

Now I'm standing in the alley
And I'm singing her this song
And you know I ain't no radio
So I got no volume knob,
She can't turn me down

You know I'll sing my best
Track Name: Lullaby Until the Sun Comes Up
There is a golden sun
On which to hang your hopes upon
Tell me, truly, does the world make you sad?
Can it be all that bad?
Because there's that sun
It shines so brightly
Then goes down for the night
But I'm sure at the dawn he'll return

So close your eyes for me
Be still and know he'll come back
Try and close your eyes for me.
Track Name: Can't Leave it Alone
Made up and sweet you're cruelly cast
Amongst the shutters and the glass
I just can't leave it alone

The ringing bell upon the hill
Beckons the people to their sills
They just can't leave it alone

The raging fight that blackens night
And burns away the brightest lights
Will just not leave it alone

No one will get to have his say
Your rights can all be stripped away
If you don't leave it alone

And I just can't leave it alone

So many words best left unsaid and wounds to mend that it's hard to know the wrong one to choose, but you inevitably do
Track Name: Tale of Two Lovers
I'm gonna tell you 'bout a lonely man who
Caught a songbird in his hands, he
Didn't know how to hold onto, so
Up and away she flew
He was so sad, alright

One day he finally realized that
Perhaps it's better for a bird to fly
Maybe her songs are sweeter now

He's getting back on an even keel
The world is not a place that he should fear
He'll step outside
He might find love

Now let me tell you bout a little girl, who
Couldn't see what she was really worth, she
Never ever could face the facts that
Just maybe he would love her back
She pushed away, alright

One day she finally realized that
Though even for the shortest time
She gained more than she lost

She's getting back on an even keel
The world is not a place that she should fear
She'll step outside
She might find love

They're on an even keel
There's nothing they should fear
Now that they are worlds apart, they're
Gonna make a brand new start
They're far away
From their pain
Track Name: Stomp & Such
Don't underestimate the power of time
Given enough I guarantee you will find
Just about anything to bring you down
First you're up, then you're not

I can tell you, there's not much you can do

You can whine
You can stomp & such
But in the end
it doesn't matter all that much

If you keep wondering just why you are here
Let me tell you that it's worse than you feared
You'll keep on trying but to no avail

You can whine
You can stomp & such
But in the end
it doesn't matter all that much
Track Name: Breakin' Shit with Dave
Sittin’ out on the front porch
I’m breakin’ shit with Dave
This town is ours for the taking
If it don’t dig us an early grave

Dave is my pal, he’s worried about his gal
And what she’ll do with the rest of her life
We all change and things don’t stay the same
The only way to take control is to
Break it all up so you have somewhere new to begin

Up from the Gulf Coast to Memphis
I bought a house and got myself a dog
There’s nothing wrong with being settled
It’s just that I feel like I’ve settled my whole life

Run around or put some roots down
Rock n’ roll or family tree
Dave and me we both agree
The only way to know for sure is to
Break it all up so you see what you really have

I’m headin’ out to the dive bars
All the same places that I go
They’ll all be here through the summer
They’ll all be here through blankets of snow

This whole town just seems to hang around
The faces age but all familiar names
They don’t change and things will stay the same
The way to shake the status quo is to
Break it all up so they’re forced to be new again
Track Name: Highway 45
Coldness creeps through the glass of my window
Scenes retreat but not these thoughts

Taillights glow recalls a fiery warmth
In a hearth I once called home

Part in fear, but stay away from pride, miles away

Soft rain, wet streets reflect the lights
As I drive all night and try to race the dawn